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TL;DR - I build things with code, I own & ride horses, I cook, I workout and I play video games… That’s about it really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Throughout my dev life I’ve tended to focus on .Net stacks, starting off with, then Uni taught me C# and I’ve had various experience with Framework and Core. Though I think Framework is becoming more legacy by the week and Core is the way forward! I’ve had experience in several .Net “Front Ends”, Winforms(icky), WPF(ehhh), MVC, Toyed around with Blazor and at the moment I’ve got an unhealthy obsession for Xamarin Forms and all it’s fun intricacies.

Outside of .Net life I’ve toyed around with JS and Ruby, with initials readings into Elixir and F#. I’ve spent a fair amount of time building with the Aurelia JS framework for SPAs but typically I sit on the back end side of engineering life!

When I’m not developing I am a big fan of video games, playing anything from FPS to TBS to MMO, mighty big fan of the switch since it means I can undock it and take it to the toilet bed with me and game anywhere!

Despite teenage Ry getting very angry at the prospect of not looking at a screen 24hrs a day, I’ve become a firm believer of taking time away from your tech. I do tend to have obsessive periods where I only develop in my free time, or only play games in my free time. In the last couple of years these have always been broken up with my fondest passion, horses. My partner has ridden all her life and for her 21st birthday I was “coerced” (I’m joking, persuaded) to try getting in the saddle, whilst I was very reluctant (I suffer from all sorts of allergies) at first, the second my butt hit that saddle I was hooked. Roll on a few years, with most of those year just a horsey partner, in Oct 2019 I bought my own horse, my 18hh (3hh in a ft, measured hoof to shoulder, not including neck… point being he’s massive) spookaholic bundle of energy Royal! And I bought him a month before the wettest winter in decades hit, so it was really a trial by fire!

Anyway, now you’ve probably not read all of that, this blog is gonna be a random collection of things, coding, riding, maybe some working out blogs. We’ll see what happens!