The Dry Pan Episode

I bought a whopping 2 and a bit kg piece of pork loin I was planning on cooking for my partner and her family. There would be 4 of us, and this piece of pork was big enough for at least 8.

Anyway, I had this thought, why not just throw my part boiled to be roast potatoes in around the pork in the dish? Sounds great right? Well I took the roasting tray with my part cooked pork in it and there was at least 1 and a bit centimeters of juices surrounding the pork, and the spuds weren't going to roast in there so naturally I based the pork and drained the rest of the juices.

Once part boiled I drained and gave my potatoes a good roughing up. Lid back on the sauce pan and holding the lid shake the pan like you're shaking a maraca! Then tipped the potatoes around the pork pan, spray with some cooking spray, salt, pepper, back in the oven. Looked like this before cooked:

Not gonna lie, I boasted about this to at least 5 different people even before it was cooked...

So 30 minutes later I come to rotate my potatoes for the first time when disaster struck! They, you're not gonna believe this... stuck to the pan! And it was all down hill from there really. I tried more spray, I tried adding some of the juices back to the pan (saving enough for gravy) but nope, the damage was done. Well truth be told the potatoes still came out fine, and were great, but just not as crispy as my usual standard.

I'm also going to be trying to get the dried on stuck potato off this pan for at least a week...

Learning from my lesson if I'm going to cook my potatoes in the same pan at the meat joint again I'll most likely put the meat on a rack. This way I can point some oil in the bottom of the pan, stopping both the joint, and potatoes sticking!

Next time I cook it I'll talk about the pork, which, again I've totally boasted about, turned out fantastic and I've got enough to last me for sandwiches for the next week!

Any thoughts? Feel free to hit me up on the Social platform you got to this post from! Be Excellent.


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