The December Plans

Going forward at the beginning of every month I'm going to set myself some goals. These are just general monthly goals that have many aims. I started this last month but kept a lid on it so I think if I air you guys can keep me somewhat accountable.

I think normally I'd have more but since it's December I'll go easy on myself, because I'm most generous...

  1. Become a more learned 5e Dungeon Master by studying my guides and making notes
  2. Run a kick ass Xmas D&D session
  3. Learn and write a process for deploying .Net Core 2 on a Linux server
  4. Progress Yardy to an MVP of functionality
  5. Write more blog posts
  6. Specifically write a blog post about .net versions for a talk I'm giving in a couple weeks
  7. Maintain my current weight over the Xmas period
  8. Keep pushing myself further horse riding

Let's see how well December goes for goals. I've set a few more than I initially thought I would but they're great targets to aim for!

Be excellent!


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