A monthly Review: December 2018

As I'm thinking about plans for January and the New Year, here's a quick review of Decembers goals:

  1. Sadly I haven't dedicated much time to becoming a more learned 5e DM, but I have actually planned the next few sessions of my Curse of Strahd Campaign.
  2. (I'm hoping my players agreed) I did totally run a kick ass Xmas D&D session, with yetis, a nasty ice trap and finishing it off with Santa helping the party kill an Adult White Dragon (maybe it had blue eyes as well...)
  3. I did not figure out a nice process for deploying .Net Core 2 on a Linux Box
  4. Yardy sadly saw little progress during December
  5. I also didn't write more blog posts!
  6. I didn't write the post, but I did deliver a very short talk on .net versions that needs fleshing out
  7. I weighed myself this morning and I managed a gain of 2 pounds over Christmas, which I'm considering a win
  8. 5 rides later including a 2hr pub ride, riding is going well, more on that in posts to come!

In the December plans post I said about how generous I was giving myself 8 goals over the 31 days, with hindsight I realised how foolish I am, going forward I think 3 goals is going to be enough, and I'm going to make them more specific, rather than open ended. Without further ado, January's plans:

  1. Lose at least 7pounds (1/2 stone)
  2. Research and choose a mobile development framework (for super secret project x)
  3. Work more on accountability, I've found an accountability partner to help us keep on track of projects and goals

Whilst 2018 hasn't been all laughs, it's not been a bad year, I started a new job, moved in with my partner after too long, got back into the saddle again, adopted 2 seriously squishy kittens and given myself a solid base to hit 2019 off to a flying start with!

Many happy returns for the New Year folks, and as always, Be Excellent!


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